> Gioca Casino secures AAMS license to launch in Italy with Spiral Solutions and Nexigames

LONDON, UK, 15 SEPTEMBER 2011 - Spiral Solutions Ltd., a leading provider of managed eGaming services has partnered with Nexigames to launch Gioca Casino, a new gaming experience for the regulated Italian market. With bespoke consultancy from Spiral Solutions, Gioca Casino has been awarded the AAMS license for online gaming in the highly competitive regulated Italian eGaming market.

Gioca Casino will work closely with Spin³*, a leading full service mobile gambling solutions provider, to expand into mobile gaming, once Nexigames is awarded a license for mobile gaming within the next few months. Spiral Solutions is providing full managed services, designed around the specific needs of Nexigames, to complement its strong brand and to maximise the unique opportunity of being one of the first AAMS licensed providers in the regulated Italian market.

Matti Zinder, head of Spiral Solutions said, “It’s of crucial importance that firms like Nexigames are able to leverage their trusted brand name and establish themselves before the eGaming market becomes too crowded in Italy. We have developed a very flexible offering where we use our experience to guide companies through every stage of the AAMS process and provide tailor-made services, offering both land based and online affiliation. Alternatively, companies can become a white label partner with Gioca Casino, which already has an AAMS licence, and create their own platform based on that, eliminating the need to apply for their own AAMS license. Either way, we ensure they navigate the long and bureaucratic AAMS licensing process with maximum efficiency, while completely customising the support and managed services required. This will ensure organisations have an easier route to enter the eGaming industry.”

Julius Antony of Nexigames, said, “Italy is set to be one of Europe’s biggest and most exciting eGaming markets. It’s taken some time to get to the point of a regulated market in Italy, but now it’s very important that we move quickly. Spiral Solutions’ guidance and vast experience with regulated markets helped us to secure the AAMS licence swiftly and we’re confident that we’re in a strong position as a result.”

The new online casino will launch at www.gioca-casino.it.

* - Spin3 is a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd.