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HR Specialist - Welfare & Social

Bar Lev Industrial park · Full-time

About The Position

During the ongoing Corona crisis, we, at Spiral Solutions, as many others, have found ourselves facing completely new & demanding scenarios. Fast changing circumstances that have proven uniquely challenging to the DNA of our HR role. These challenges meet us especially within the culture of our company, the warm family atmosphere that we have successfully created over the years is proving difficult to maintain, when required to operate under circumstances of either remote work from home, or office social distancing. At Spiral we sincerely believe in our Company motto, that people are at the heart of our journey. Therefore accurate, honest, human organizational communications during such times of difficulty play an integral part in maintaining our shared values, business continuity & morale. It is due to these evolving needs that we are opening an exciting new HR team position.


HR Specialist in Organizational Communications & Social Welfare

We invite you to check out this perfect opportunity, suited for a lover of people, a player from the heart. We are looking for that special person who is creative, dynamic, enterprising, energetic &, in addition, well versed in social media platforms with a light hand on the keyboard. A person who can add a personal touch, a creative twist & bring all those talents to shine with us.


Position requirements in the realm of Social Welfare:

·       Build & manage yearly social welfare budget

·       Take responsibility for social events, festivals, social gatherings, happy hours, etc.

·       Responsible for gifts, recognition schemes, rewards etc.

·       Support social & bonding events on the level of individual business units

·       Lead special company social projects, including ongoing connections with the wider circle of Spiral employees & their families

·       Responsible for ongoing calendar social activities

·       Creation of exhibitions, fairs etc. & contacts with suppliers

Skills Required for Company Communications

·       Responsible for all organizational communication platforms including content creation & organizational messaging (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Teams)

·        Support of routine organizational communications, both formal & informal

·       Ongoing support & input into organizational portal, including content/look & feel

Who should apply for this position?

·       A people person with lots of heart. Someone who loves communicating & social activities & wants to immerse themselves in such work

·       Holder of excellent interpersonal skills & lover of intelligent communications. The kind of person who loves to stop for a chat with those around them and with whom it is always a pleasure to converse

·       A social media animal, active in various social channels with proven knowhow

·       Excellent & articulate written Hebrew. Great written/spoken English is an advantage

·       An out of the box creative thinker with a free flow of ideas & initiatives

·       Outstanding creative taste & ascetics plus plenty of DYI abilities

·       A person with useful connections in the world of social program providers, suppliers & platforms – especially in the North

·       Experienced in budget management

·       Excels in hands-on social program organization, with the ability to create such interactions during remote working in general & during Corona times, in particular

·       Highly competent in Office & PowerPoint

·       Competence in additional design tools & platforms – an advantage


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We are a feisty bunch who work hard, play hard and love to keep the Spiral party spirit alive!
We know how to have fun and break loose,  enjoying ongoing fun days, holiday events and special bonding group activities.


We are a passionate and dedicated group of people, reflecting cultural diversity and mutual respect. Together we are an ethnic mosaic, with a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds from across the world.


We promote responsible citizenship and solidarity, serving as stakeholders in important social projects. We aspire towards an inclusive, sustainable community and empowered individuals. 


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