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DevOps Engineer

Bar Lev Industrial park · Intermediate

About The Position

A DevOps Engineer is responsible for architecture, building and management of the Spiral infrastructure platform over AWS, GCP, Azure and VMware: from construction of virtual network topologies, distributed workload orchestration systems, logging and application performance monitoring systems to interfacing with software developers, QA and operations teams. She or he will be a part of a close-knit cross-functional team within the IT department, servicing multiple business units and collaborating with the DevOps Community of Practice 

A DevOps Engineer:

  1. Ensures zero-downtime application delivery, promotion of software artifacts across environments;
  2. Designs and builds multi-tier production-ready infrastructures across virtual environments;
  3. Advocates for the DevOps cultural and technological practices across teams, geographical locations and business units, acts as a focal point for R&D groups;
  4. Facilitates seamless and stress-free (PaaS-style) consumption of the infrastructure platform by R&D groups.


A successful candidate will have:

  1. Meaningful experience architecting, building and supporting scalable, resilient and cost-efficient cloud environments end-to-end in the world of “web”;
  2. Experience with containerized application delivery and Kubernetes in production;
  3. Experience with IaC industry-standard tools and best-practices (Pulumi, Terraform, cloud vendor SDK’s);
  4. Experience scripting out OS configuration workflows (Ansible, Bash, PowerShell, Python);
  5. Strong sysadmin knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Linux;
  6. Experience with progressive delivery patterns and implementations in a zero-downtime production setting;
  7. Knowledge of source control tools and workflows;
  8. Exceptional debugging skills across all infrastructure tiers.

Additional points for:

  1. Experience architecting, building and administering Cache and NoSQL clustered stores (Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch);
  2. Experience administering clustered relational stores (MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres);
  3. Essential knowledge of OOP;
  4. Knowledge of infrastructures servicing AI/ML workloads.

A successful candidate will possess and additional number of soft skills:

  1. Emotional resilience;
  2. Ability to concisely explain and document complicated things;
  3. Ability to productively communicate across teams, cultures and mentalities on a daily basis

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