The Spiral Group

Founded in 1999, Spiral Solutions is a visionary, Galilee-based, interactive solutions provider. We are pioneers in leading edge digital marketing services with proven global success. Our curiosity generates inventive concepts for the toughest challenges and business value through innovation. We embrace our imagination to design the future and advance into unchartered territory

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver extraordinary results and outstanding customer services which reflect professional integrity together with powerful, simple and smart solutions. Our goal is to find the balance between creative technology, excellence, and marketing performance. We strive to constantly exceed expectations and maintain a socially responsible ethos in all that we do

Our Mission

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and reflect how we behave in the world. We share core values of passion, integrity, innovation, and accountability. We leverage collective talents, inspire creativity, leadership, and excellence as our roadmap. Our principles declare our purpose as a company and serve as the spirit against which we weigh our actions and decisions


Our Culture

Together we play to win, dare to change and have the passion to lead. We have evolved a genuine team spirit with a winning culture and adventurous energy that reflect our inherent values and channel our success. We nurture participation in sporting events that combine camaraderie with a competitive spirit. Educational programs, team building activities, and reward plans enhance our workplace experience and encourage excellence


Our People

We are a passionate and dedicated group of people, reflecting cultural diversity and mutual respect. We celebrate our differences. Together we are an ethnic mosaic of Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druze, with a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds from across the world. 50% of our workforce are women, benchmarking our intent with true colors. We combine our strengths and incorporate our different perspectives, spurring strategic goals into actions