Our Community

We promote responsible citizenship and solidarity, serving as stakeholders in important social projects.
We aspire towards an inclusive, sustainable community and empowered individuals


Nitzanei Galil

This local organization provides enrichment for underprivileged children in the Galilee region. Our involvement is at every level from conceptive design, resources, and voluntary participation


Pitchon Lev

A countrywide organization that offers immediate and urgent help with food and clothing. We assist at the local community level with resources and volunteers. In particular, in the preparation and distribution of High Holiday food baskets



We partner in specialized outdoor and sporting rehabilitative activities for vulnerable special needs children from across a broad cultural mosaic. It is by meeting challenges that each individual becomes empowered, socially integrated and finds joy


Spider Cycling Club

Founded in 2005 by Spiral employees, it has become one of the leading, professional cycling clubs in Northern Israel. The club has cyclists of every age, trained by a world class coach, who have attained many national prizes. The club uses its activities as a youth educational outreach tool


Forest Keepers

In conjunction with the JNF, we have adopted and maintain a section of our local Segev Forest. These activities allow us to honor our unique Galilee environment by maintaining the delicate and beautiful ecosystem, as a legacy for the future and to enjoy special time together combining fun, family and environmental action


Distinction in Sport

As part of our belief in the pursuit of excellence, we sponsor several outstanding local sportsmen and women in the field of cycling. This is a well-developed local sport and very close to our hearts. We support several cyclists in their personal journeys to attain racing success, within community competitions and across worldwide competitive horizons


Misgav Basketball Youth Team

We at Spiral, have taken it upon ourselves to adopt and sponsor The Misgav Basketball youth team. They are one of the most accomplished young teams within our region and have attained remarkable and inspiring sporting achievements. We proudly support them and their educational values of teamwork, inclusivity, and excellence that reflect our deeply held beliefs


Community Outreach

At Spiral Solutions we enjoy a special connection with local senior citizen groups and holocaust survivors. We enjoy spending time in their company and sharing our own hand-made festive gifts